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KMX karts (correctly described as Recumbent trike’s) are fantastic fun for young and not so young alike. With a range of models to suit every rider they are highly manouverable and very stable and can be ridden by anyone from 8 years up. They are building a big following around the world ,think BMX come skate board come mountain bike but with more comfort and ride-ability.This is the most exciting thing to happen to pedal power in decades! Once you’ve ridden one you’ll be hooked!

Plas Power is the only place in the  UK where you can  ride before you buy!

Check out some amazing KMX videos from around the world, including powered KMX’s reaching 50mph! on YouTube


































The awesome film above features Paul Pritchard   climber and Adventurer on a journey of well over 1000k to Everest basecamp . Even more awesome when you realise that Paul is paralised down his right side after a horrendous climbing accident some years ago


We offer a unique opportunity to potential buyers, to take a KMX for a spin . We are fortunate to be located on a perfect site to fully test the trikes performance. Stay on site ,or cover a few mile on a guided ride,its up to you.  So why not come for a ride with us !*  Check out the ‘frequently asked questions’ below.

*booking essential sorry.



Can you ride them on the road ?

Yes, all the trikes are road legal .


I’m worried that i wont be seen, because its so low down!

This is by far the biggest misconception about recumbent’s in general. The reality is quite the opposite,ask anyone who rides a recumbent and they will tell you that these things are so rare in the UK that everyone notices you,  and as a result traffic gives you plenty of room, and more consideration than if you where riding a common or garden bike.


Why ride a Recumbent ? What’s the advantage?

There are many reasons and advantages,the most common first comment is how comfortable it is, because you are in a far more aerodynamic and efficient position to ride for long periods, over great distances, or you could just pop to the shops.


What are they like on hills ?

Recumbent’s bikes it has to be said are not as fast on hills as a good road bike,however recumbent trike’s fair better since there are no balance problems at low speeds. KMX trikes are also very well geared for British hills ,and believe me we’ve tried them !


How fast are they ?

This is the real winner, they are faster on the flat and downhill (50 mph is quite possible) than any conventional bike ,which more than makes up for the hill climbs!


I’m a mountain biker ,what are they like ‘off road’?

The KMX Cobra model has been designed for of road and it fantastic!!


So,if they are so good ,why dont we more of them here in the UK?

Sadly its the Brit’s, recumbents are a common site in Europe, especially Holland and Germany, indeed both these countries produce a lot of them . Basically we are resistant to change !


Are they a new idea then ?

No, recumbent’s have been around for over 80 years ,in fact they were banned from the Tour de France before WWII ,because they kept winning !


Are they expensive ?

No,KMX trike’s are very reasonably priced starting at £395.00 for the Cyclone (kids) to £2000.00 for the Venom top of the range adult trike.


Are they easy to maintain ?

Yes , KMX’s are very solidly built to take a lot of punishment ,however they are easy to work on and use many parts common to mountain bikes.